End of an era, though it really ended in 2009 when Apple announced it would cease exhibiting and keynoting.

I was lucky enough to attend three MacWorld Expos (Boston, San Francisco, and New York) back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. They were all amazing.

Saw the iBook with WiFi unveiled and felt like the world had changed. Briefly met amazing people like David Pogue, Tim O’Reilly, and Jean-Louis Gassée. (I met Gassée in an elevator on the way up to the BeOS launch party! The sign-in desk person for the party didn’t know who Gassée was! So Gassée responded that his name was Gil Amelio. He was let in.)

I shook Steve Jobs’ (annoyed) hand in New York in front of the G4 Cube. I even wormed my way into a Mac the Knife party in San Fran. I think it may have been the last of those parties. (You have to be an old school Apple geek to even understand how cool being at a Knife party was.)

I get that times have changed and Macworld Expo as we knew it no longer makes sense. But, wow, what good times those were. I feel privileged to have been there for some of them.



"Around here, you used to be able to get a Fair-Trade latte and a chocolate-chip croissant for only eight bucks," said Getz, who is planning to move back in with his parents after being forced out of the lease on his organic grocery store by a harpsichord purveyor. "Now it’s all tearooms and private salon gatherings catered with champagne and suckling pig. Who can afford that?"

"It’s just a terrible shame," Getz continued. "There was this great little shop right across the street from my duplex apartment where I bought my baby daughter a Ramones onesie a couple of years ago, just after she was born. That whole block is an opera house now."