Apple in Entertainment

Everyone is wondering what Apple should do with some of its $97 billion. I’m not a tech blogger. And, I’m sure everyone will tell me what a stupid idea this is. But, what the hell?

I think Apple should create digital entertainment content. Gasp!

More specifically, I think Apple should create what we currently think of as television shows. Really amazing ones.

It used to be that HBO was the only content distributor that had become a successful content creator. Now Showtime has done Dexter, Weeds, and Homeland. AMC has done Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead. FX has done Nip/Tuck and Justified. USA Network has done…what they do. DirectTV and Netflix are getting in. And, I would argue that Starz’s first show, Boss, was the best show on television in 2011.

Apple controls iTunes, the iTunes Store, QuickTime, Final Cut Pro (yeah, yeah, I know), Mac OS X, iOS, and Apple TV. The Apple TV “hobby” is actually selling much better than it has in the past. Apple has deep ties to Hollywood. It makes quality products and markets them brilliantly. And, it is sitting on more than $97 billion.

Right now, the iTunes Store and Apple TV have a content problem. Shows air on broadcast or cable first for “free”. At best, they come to iTunes and Apple TV a day or two later. At worst, a premium cable show may not arrive for many months. Apple needs to make iTunes Store offerings “destination television”.

What if several of the best, buzziest shows out there didn’t come to iTunes/Apple TV after a delay but were on iTunes/Apple TV first or even only?

Apple has the technology, connections, focus on quality, cash, and cachet to make us all cable cutters. I just hope it has the desire and drive.

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    Anything that will give me the option to break up with Time Warner, I fully support.
  4. palbi said: I’d love that! On a very different note, I’d also love them to bring some manufacturing jobs back in the US to help the economy. For as much as they say it’s not viable it clearly looks they can afford it!!
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