Kindle Wish

The Kindle first shipped in 2007. You could download a free sample of a book. At the end of reading the sample, you could easily buy the book. Makes great sense. But, oddly, the purchased book started you at the very beginning of the book at text you’d already read rather than starting you where the sample ended.

This is still the case in 2013. It’s certainly not a big deal and is very much a First World Problem. But, it’s an annoying experience every time I buy a book from a sample.

I would think recording the Location of where the sample ended and setting the newly purchased book to that same Location would be extremely easy for Amazon to do. So, I can’t figure out why they haven’t done it.

  1. liannakristine said: I have a Nook & have purchased books after reading the sample only to remain with JUST the sample. Nothing more would download. Many improvements needed for ereaders!
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