Arbitrage on Apple TV

We just watched Arbitrage. It’s an amazing film and Richard Gere will probably get an Oscar nod. Susan Sarandon and others are also excellent. But, there are plenty of good critics who can tell you all that.

Just amazing to me as the film itself is that we rented it on our Apple TV for $6.99. It was released in cinemas and “direct to video” simultaneously on Friday. When I saw it on Apple TV this afternoon, I did a double take. I just couldn’t believe it. We were able to watch a newly-released film with top-notch writing, directing, and acting as soon as it came out via streaming to our home for $6.99. If that has happened very often before, it’s news to me.

I’m a bit surprised that I haven’t seen others writing about this. Am I the only one who thinks some sort of entertainment rubicon got crossed this weekend? I certainly hope this is a harbinger of our cinematic future.