Current Issues

For those who haven’t heard, Francisca and I are relocating to Switzerland in a couple of months. So, we are paring down our worldy posessions and gearing up for The Big Move.

If you’re like me, you’ve never given power voltage much thought. I’ve traveled a good bit and have never run into significant 110 Volt / 220 Volt issues with my electronics. But, that’s because the electronics you would generally take on a trip (phones, computers, cameras, etc.) are designed with travel in mind and can thus handle 220V.

Now that we are moving, I’m obsessed with voltage. I constantly look at the electronics around our house to see what voltage they can handle. The sad news is that almost nothing we have, from appliances to our toothbrush chargers, can handle 220V. So, our worldly possessions are going to get even more pared down soon.